Touring Desert Rain

Timberline Construction's booth at Earth Day Fair, where they highlighted their work on Desert Rain.

The 23rd Annual Earth Day Fair and Parade took place in downtown Bend today. Hosted by The Environmental Center, the event celebrates sustainable living–making it a great place for Timberline Construction of Bend to highlight their amazing work on Desert Rain. Their booth featured some of the materials being used in the home, including reclaimed wood, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, and high R-value foam insulation.

Wood on display at Timberline's Earth Day Fair booth. These boards were reclaimed from a deconstructed potato storage barn in Prineville. The wood is being re-used in Desert Rain.

People could sign up at Timberline’s booth for a tour of Desert Rain. At the home site, Barb and Tom talked about their inspiration for Desert Rain, how they came across the Living Building Challenge (LBC), the basics of LBC standards, and how they’re working to achieve LBC certification.  Following is a photo-blog of a tour.

Gathering near Desert Rain's front entrance for a tour of the home and the property.

Inside the front entrance of Desert Rain.

Barb and Tom explain the inspiration behind Desert Rain, as well as the philosophy of the Living Building Challenge.

Touring the home, which is close to being completely framed.

Tom discusses some of the materials being used in Desert Rain, including the kitchen tiles, which are made from recycled toilets.

The area to the left includes the personal living spaces, such as a bedroom, bathroom, small office, and laundry area. The area to the right will house the social spaces, including the kitchen, dining and living areas.

A wooden porch swing, crafted by Tim Bartels and made of wood reclaimed from a deconstructed potato storage barn in Prineville. You can view more of Tim's work at

Barb, second from left, on the west side of the home, talks about Desert Rain and Living Building Challenge.

Tom explains how the solar oven is used. Barb had chicken cooking in there today while everyone toured the home.

It was a beautiful day to tour Desert Rain!

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