Desert Rain in the News – Bend Bulletin video and article

Barb and Tom

Moving Day is here!

Barb and Tom take a moment from packing, hauling, and unpacking for an interview and video with the Bend Bulletin.

Click on the link below to watch the video.

Desert Rain video from the Bend Bulletin, 12-15-13


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Happy May Day!

A gorgeous day out at Desert Rain today!

The First Video from Desert Rain

Barbara talking with Keith in the cistern. April 5, 2012.

Barbara and I met out at Desert Rain this afternoon to walk the site. Ever questing for adventure, Barbara had us climbing into the cistern as soon as we got there. It’s hard to relate the size of the cistern, even with pictures. The walls are about 12 feet high, and there’s roughly a three-foot gap separating those walls from the solid rock surrounding them. Getting into the cistern means walking the plank—literally.

A wooden plank used for navigating the cistern forms. Note the rebar coming up from the center of the forms; this will give the walls greater strength. April 5, 2012.

It’s the only way you’re getting across that gap. Barb walked across, full of confidence and ready to traverse the rest of the planks running the sides of the walls. I did what can only be described as a wimpy crouch-crawl, with a death grip on the walls as I inched my way along the sides. But once inside, it was easy to forget my fear of moderate heights. Keith, who’s leading the concrete team, explained much of the cistern’s engineering and functioning, showing us where the water will flow in and out, as well as how it will move between the three chambers.

Looking over the cistern's wall forms to the east-facing portion of Desert Rain.

Today I started taking video on the site, and will continue to do so going forward. While shooting video is fairly straightforward, I’ve some work to do in video editing. The last time I edited video was as a television reporter back (way back) in the early ’90s, and in those days we were still using 3/4″ videotape. Now, I’m trying to learn iMovie. Which is an up-front way of saying: pardon the editing, but please enjoy a few scenes from a cold and snowy afternoon out at Desert Rain, beginning with Keith explaining the engineering of the cistern, comparing how they plan and build for strength much like they would in a parking garage.



Watch the video here:


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