Stonework on Desert Lookout

September: Progress in Pictures

September came in fits and starts for us with the construction of Desert Lookout – the newest part of our Living Building Challenge Project. We took huge steps forward, followed by small sticking points, and then more big lurches forward. This is nothing new for a building outside of the traditional box and we continue to keep our enthusiasm for moving forward.   Installing the Phoenix composting system was a huge mile stone for us. You can read more about how this component will  compost and treat our blackwater here.

Tom and Advanced Composting Systems

Tom and Glenn Nelson from Advanced Composting Systems in front of the newly installed black water composter.

Blackwater Composter

Our new Phoenix will compost our black water – a very important part of the LBC water petal.

The Phoenix Composting ToiletWe’re very pleased to be including biophilia into our landscaping:

New plants for Desert Rain

New plants for Desert Rain from Winter Creek Restoration are ready for planting.

Desert Lookout will have a hybrid insulation system which helps us manage expenses while maintaining a high level of insulation.

Blow in with spray foam hybrid insulation

A hybrid insulation system is helping us manage expenses during construction while providing long-term benefits.

We moved beyond another challenge of building a LBC project, getting the eve trimmed back.

Trimming the eve

We had to trim back the original eve to allow for the solar collector.

drying out the cistern

The leak in our grey water cistern had to be repaired. A large fan was used to dry it out before applying a new layer of waterproofing.

Bob Buckmann with TVM

Bob Buckmann with TVM was in the grey water cistern, checking on a new layer of waterproofing.

Richard from Clausen Drywall.

Richard from Clausen Drywall has been drywalling since he was a teenager, working for his dad.

Hand texture for the drywall is complete

Hand texture for the drywall is complete.

Jared and Scott from American Painting and Prefinish .

Jared and Scott from American Painting and Prefinish are staining the wood siding.

ready for stonework

While we get ready for stonework, Winter Creek Restoration has been planting.

Ready for stonework

We’re ready for stonework.


Stonework on Desert Lookout

Stonework on Desert Lookout.

Another month down. And we’re ready for October!

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