Progress in Pictures – November 2012

Progress continues to bring Desert Rain closer to completion. The fall months have seen a flurry of activity inside and out as work moves forward with electrical, plumbing, gutters, site changes, another cistern, floor polishing, prep work for upcoming plastering, and the construction of the garage.

In early September the site was graded, back-filling around the foundation walls, leveling holes and bumps.


The ‘mail trail’ was created for a walking path coming up from Shasta Place. Anna Vacca and her crew had the trail ready for the Green Drinks event on September 27.

The concrete floor was ‘diamond polished’ in a sequence of coarse to fine grits, removing pits and creating a beautiful, reflective surface.

Hydronic, infloor radiant heating system is under the cement slab floor and throughout the house.

The solar thermal system will provide all the hot water for domestic use and for the hydronic infloor heating system.

Plumbing pipes, vent stacks, and installation of plumbing fixtures continues into November.

LED lighting fixtures installed throughout the home.

Electrical installation continues.

Keith Krewson and crew pouring the 5,000 gallon graywater cistern.

Graywater cistern complete with lid. It is adjacent to the 35,000 gallon ‘domestic’ water cistern. The cistern is also the foundation for the garage. Framing started mid-November.

Cedar siding received a sealing coat to protect the wood and maintain color consistency.

Stainless steel interior gutters were soddered in place. The stainless gutter is the interior portion of a two part gutter system. The outside gutter is color, coated steel.

Jeff and Spencer with River Roofing installing the gutters.

Desert Rain in the news. Rachael Rees with the Bend Bulletin meets with Tom and Barb to gather information for her article featuring graywater and wastewater systems.

Scott and Jason framing the garage above the cistern.

The garage dramatically changes the profile of the site. Jason and Scott worked through some fierce winds to install the sheathing on the exterior walls and roof.

Desert Rain on November 21, 2012. The ADU wrapped and ready for plastering, the new garage profile peaking up to the right of the house, blue, cold, autumn sky.

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