Owners – Tom Elliott + Barbara Scott

Tom Elliott and Barb Scott have been exploring life together through many adventures–backpacking, whitewater rafting, bicycling, and the adventure of life.  Tom worked for years in the ranching industry where he was introduced to the idea of sustainable agriculture. Barb worked as a home economics teacher in Montana before moving to Tumalo in 1992. She moved back to Montana in 2002 where she met Tom. They built two homes that used some green techniques. By the time Barb and Tom married and moved to Bend they started thinking bigger about green building and sustainable living. With the same energy and enthusiasm that takes them across America on a bicycle in 75 days, or more recently, to the summit of Kilimanjaro – Barb and Tom have embraced the adventure of this new project, Desert Rain.


Building Design

Tozer Design, LLC   541.383.9015    Al Tozer Jr., Sarah Currier, Cecile Cuddihy, Wendy Knight

Al Tozer Jr.

Encouraging the use of leading-edge sustainable building materials and Green building practices are company trademarks.  We believe building Green is mandatory and enthusiastically encourage our clients to embrace the benefits of living well with minimum ecological impact.  With both LEED and Living Building Challenge experience, our studio remains at the vanguard of deep green design. Applying our firm’s extensive Green Design and construction knowledge, we take the time to work through site and structural solutions early through an integrated design process.  The best building plans are those that not only illustrate our client’s dreams but those that clearly convey to the builder the “how” and “why” of each step along the way.


Wendy Knight


Cecile Cuddihy


Water Design

Whole Water Systems,  208.720.1812. Rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment and reuse.

Whole Water Systems is about sustainable water. We help developers of exceptional projects to treat water in the built environment as a precious resource via onsite purification and reclamation. By designing energy and resource efficient water treatment systems that use the latest decentralized and natural biology-based technology, we bring triple bottom line benefits that positively impact clients’ economic returns, as well as the returns to society and the environment. In addition, Whole Water Systems aspires to solutions whose natural beauty inspires others to set their own sustainable examples.

President and founder Morgan Brown  has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, is a member of IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, a LEED Accredited Professional (since 2003) and a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer. Morgan has a variety of management experience in telecommunications (Siemens, AG), software (Microsoft, Visio) and other high tech in Europe, Seattle and Silicon Valley. Morgan was founder and organizer of the Sun Valley Sustainability Conference and he has experience consulting on sustainability issues for developers and local government. Morgan’s particular interest is working with progressive, green-minded developers of communities and resorts who see the opportunity to provide better products through comprehensive sustainable water strategies.

Principal Biologist John Grove, Buena Vista, CO

John has a bachelor’s degree in biology (limnology) from the University of Colorado and is one of the country’s foremost experts on natural biological treatment of water using constructed wetlands. He has been designing and installing wastewater and stormwater systems using constructed wetlands for over 20 years. John’s expertise, charm and persistence has resulted in a long and successful track record of gaining regulatory approval for decentralized water treatment systems based on constructed wetlands. John is a popular speaker and has been a featured expert presenter at sustainable development events.

David Venhuizen P.E>


Principal Engineer David Venhuizen, Austin, Texas

David Venhuizen P.E

David is a licensed professional engineer with a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Texas and bachelor’s degrees in biology and aeronautical engineering. He has been a passionate promoter of holistic, integrated water management concepts for nearly three decades. His work started with “waste” water, for which he formulated a “decentralized concept” of management advocating that the most cost effective and efficient approach is to treat water as close to it use as possible – and to reuse the resource to the maximum extent feasible. David favors robust and modular technologies, such as recirculating biofilters and constructed wetlands, well suited to a variety of applications from small scale residential to master planned communities. Venhuizen’s focus also includes sustainable stormwater management and rainwater harvesting.



Earth Advantage Institute
Earth Advantage Institute – Facebook

The purpose of Earth Advantage Institute is to promote the wise use of natural resources in the built environment. EAI is the nation’s leading organization for green building and climate solutions for stakeholders inthe building industry. We will strive to remain the full‐service authority, offering solutions that address residential new and existing construction, community development, new and existing commercial construction, and multifamily construction. The team houses a wealth of building science knowledge that delivers acoordinated and cohesive message to suppliers, builders, service agents, building owners, manufacturers, and the public.

Green Building Consultant, Matt Douglas is a Technical Specialist for New Homes in the Central and Eastern Oregon areas.  His responsibilities include new construction inspections, energy modeling, and outreach. He is also involved with the LEED® for Homes program and is a certified Sustainable Homes Professional, ENERGY STAR Verifier, and HERS Rater.  Previous to Earth Advantage Institute, Matt has 8 years of HVAC residential field experience in the Central Oregon area.  Matt also enjoys mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and many other outdoor activities. Matt is the current Earth Advantage Institute consultant for Desert Rain. Matt replaced Bruce Sullivan.

Bruce Sullivan

Energy Model Analyst, Bruce Sullivan, Green Building Consultant with the Earth Advantage Institute.  Bruce has been involved in energy efficient construction since 1983. He has worked for the Oregon State University Extension Service, Eugene Water & Electric Board and Iris Communications, Inc.In 1996, he started Oikos.com one of the world’s first web sites dedicated to green building. In 2006, Bruce’s personal high-performance residence, built by SunTerra Homes, was honored with the NAHB Research Center’s EnergyValue Housing Award and the NAHB Green Building Award. He has been the primary content developer for EAI education programs, including Sustainable Homes Professional training, Building with Ducts Inside Conditioned Space curriculum and the Earth Advantage ZERO program for certifying net-zero energy homes. He is based in Earth Advantage’s Bend office.Bruce has served on several volunteer organizations including the Solar Energy Association of Oregon, Northwest Ecobuilding Guild, the Lorane Rural Fire Protection District and Bend Area Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors.

Bruce moved on to a new career in May 2012. He is currently teaching science at the Majuro Cooperative School in the Marshall Islands. Matt Douglas stepped into the Desert Rain project as Green Building Consultant.


Landscape Design

Heart Springs Landscape Design, LLC   541.385.0880 office
The Heart Springs Landscape Design, LLC design team working on the Desert Rain Projects consists of two landscape designers: Chris Hart-Henderson (owner) and Ani Cahill. Chris brings over 30 years of experience and passion in promoting sustainable approaches to landscaping in Central Oregon into focus on Desert Rain. Ani, a lifelong gardener and 15 year professional landscape designer brings a fresh artistic expression to the design with a practical and technical proficiency. This dynamic team has extensive design experience with the local climate, geology, wildlife and growing conditions which combined with their passion for sustainability created a natural attraction to the Desert Rain Project.

Chris Hart-Henderson

Chris Hart-Henderson is a licensed landscape contractor with over 20 years landscape design and gardening experience in the high, dry, cold intermountain west and Central Oregon.

Chris teaches college-level landscape design and horticulture courses, has spoken at many seminars and conferences, and studied landscape architecture at Oregon State University. Her passion for using native and regionally compatible plants to create casual natural landscapes has gleaned her several state and regional design awards. Chris’ passion for creating exciting regional landscapes that are sustainable has evolved organically out of living, gardening, and playing outdoors in the Central Oregon area since 1984.

“I’m completely and deeply in love with Central Oregon. The abundant beauty surrounding this fragile High Desert region is an open invitation to indulge my desire to be outdoors and teaches me how to live lightly on the planet.”

Ani Cahill


Ani Cahill combines creativity and design expertise with practicality. Ani is technically proficient in all aspects of design and planning. Her passion for gardening is a family tradition and she brings her own unique approach to her art.

Ani’s design style encompasses everything from Contemporary Modern to Pure Natural Native. Ani instills confidence with her experience, plant knowledge, modern design sensibility, and youthful creative approach.




Vidas Architecture LLC

M.L. Vidas

LEED/LBC Consultant Sustainable Design Services, Mary Louise Vidas, 503.791.1807
Vidas Architecture, LLC, is a full service architecture firm specializing in green building. We work with design teams or directly with clients assisting them in implementing their core sustainable values.

Mary Louise (ML) Vidas is the principal architect and founder. She brings her passion for sustainability to the work, leading teams to a more collaborative design process, and ultimately to buildings that work well, now and into the future.

Services: Living Building Challenge consultation, LEED Project Management & documentation, Charrette Facilitation, Conceptual Design & Project goal-setting, Construction Documents & Construction Administration services, Master Planning



Povey and Associates              Povey + Associates Land Surveyors  Randy Povey, 541.548.6778 office

Walker Structural Engineering        Walker Structural Engineering LLC, Jonny Walker, 541.330.6869 office