All Phase Electric Service   Jack Johnson
61579 American Loop
Bend, OR 97702
 541.389.4057  All Phase Electric Service

Electrical system and components installation throughout the project.


Balyeat Landscaping    Daniel Balyeat
19597 Tumalo Reservoir Rd Bend OR. 



Bend Glass and Mirror     Bobby Campbell
1080 Southeast Ninth Street   Bend, OR  97702
541 .388.7571  Bend Glass and Mirror

Blankenship Garage Doors     Dan Blankenship
PO Box 7961 Bend, OR 97708
 541.410.4680  Blankenship Garage Doors


Bobcat & Sun Inc.   Bob Claridge  
Solar And Radiant Heating Systems
 541.389.7365  Bobcat and Sun


Cahail Construction   Doug Cahail
1010 NW Lexington  Bend, OR 97701


Cement Elegance    Steve Shaw
50 SE Scott Street #13
Bend, OR 97702
 541.383.2598  Cement Elegance


Central Oregon Construction Contractors Inc.  Keith Krewson 
Sunriver, Oregon 

Concrete forms, walls, cistern and cistern slabs, foundations for structures, and concrete slab floor inside the home.


Cornerstone Property Restoration   David Colucci
20736 Carmen Loop #140
Bend, OR 97702
 541.322.8846   Cornerstone Property Restoration


Creative Welding  Joe Keck
880 Southeast Stratford Court  Bend, OR 97702
 541.383.4985  Creative Welding

dansky-logoDansky Handcrafted   Gabriel Dansky
Furniture Grade Cabinetry
Bend, Oregon
541.480.2227   Dansky Handcrafted

e2 solarE2 Solar   Mike Hewitt
63063 Layton Ave. suite 101  Bend, OR 97701
 541.388.1151   E2 Solar


Elite Plastering
Bend, OR 97702
 541.670.5523   Elite Plastering


Energy Conservation Insulation  Will Lebeda, owner
114 NE Penn Ave
Bend, OR 97701-6859
541.678.5566   Energy Conservation Insulation
Four Directions Construction   Joel Shafer
1618 NW Eighth Street   Bend, OR  97701
541 .550.8984  
Glacier Window and Door  Patrick Stockton sales rep
1229 SE Grand Ave.  Portland, Oregon  97214 503.408.8838
Green Apple Construction  – American Clay   Amy Warren
316 NW Saginaw  Bend, OR  97701


Guy Pettitt Drywall    Guy Pettitt
18368 Tumalo Resevoir Rd.  Bend, Or.  97701
Hooker Creek  concrete   John Nason
Bend, Or.  97701
541.389-0981  Hooker Creek
Johnson Brothers TV and Appliance  Jim Chapel
571 NE Azure Drive  Bend, OR 97701
541.382.6223   Johnson Brothers TV & Appliance
Kevin Spencer Masonry  Kevin Spencer
63020 Lower Meadow Drive  Bend, OR
KTB & Sons LLC  Kris Tivon Bush  
53243 Andrews Rd.  La Pine, OR  97739

McKernan Enterprises
Redmond, OR
541.548.9660  McKernan Enterprises



Moore Climate Control   Lyndon Moore
62988 Layton Ave.  Bend, OR 97701
541.948.4242  American Standard Air


Parazoo Plumbing LLC Beau Parazoo owner/operator
541.504.2817   Parazoo Plumbing

Parr Lumber  Nate Morgan
1311 SE Wilson Ave. Bend, OR 97701
 541.385.7277   Parr Lumber
 Powers of Automation
 61533 American Loop, Bend, OR 97702
541. 330.1687
 Powers of Automation
 Resource Conservation Technologies
50 Scott Ave.  Bend, OR  97702
541.255-4348  Resource Cons. Tech 
River Roofing Bend  LLC
697 SE Glenwood Drive
Bend, OR 97702
 541.383.3569  River Roofing Bend

Scott Creson Construction
Bend, OR 97702

Sharon’s Vacuums
225 NE Lafayette Ave Bend, OR 97701

Versatile Carpentry  Bill Bancroft
1900 NE 3rd Street  Bend, OR 97701
541.480-0886   Versatile Carpentry