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Timberline Construction of Bend is a locally based general contracting company that was forged out of the partnership between James Fagan and Kristian Willman. ‘With over 40 years of combined experience and nearly 200 homes in our portfolio, we have a reputation for building the highest quality homes. We invest extensive energy into our professional relationships with architects, designers, local trades, and suppliers, and making the construction process as smooth as possible for everyone involved. We take great pride in building homes that meet our clients’ goals as well as being comfortable, sustainable, energy efficient, and healthy.

Desert Rain on September 27, 2012

Timberline came on board with Desert Rain in May 2009 with the original house plans. As long-time general contractors they have been striving to build ‘green’, before the term ‘sustainable building’ existed.  Kristian, James, and Kevin have embraced the building of Desert Rain, the Living Building Challenge, and the the collaborative process that is necessary to ‘push the envelope’ to meet the goals on this project.




James (on the right) with Tom and Barb.

James Fagan, owner, is a Northwest native and has been working in the construction industry since 1979. Jim got his start in the San Francisco and greater Marin County area working for a residential contractor that completed all phases of a construction project. Jim has owned his own company since 1984 and has personally been involved in all facets of home building including the unusual such as drilled-pier and grade-beam foundations to accommodate the steep hillside properties of the Bay Area. Jim has worked with several prominent architects whose designs were extremely innovative and he continues to be accomplished in the use of unusual and alternative materials, finishes and details. The fact this he is a certified Sustainable Home Professional is testament to his  knowledge and experience with green building.  About Desert Rain, Jim comments, “It’s a radical change to do this. Construction in general is slow to change. It is an industry that is slow to change. I’ve been the opposite, wanting to move forward. This (Desert Rain) is a great thing to be involved with.’


Kristian Willman, owner, is a Northwest native and has been working in the construction industry in a variety of roles since 1993. Initially trained as a roofer and later as a framer, Kristian established and operated successful companies in each of these trades. Kristian also worked for a well established developer as a Project Manager and was responsible for overseeing multiple housing projects as well as land development throughout Washington and Oregon. From this experience, Kristian became quite adept at managing multiple projects and problem solving in order to keep each project on schedule and within budget.  In regards to Desert Rain and the Living Building Challenge, Kristian stated, ‘I believe in it. You know why I live here? This is my playground. So the more we do to build homes like this, the more I have, and the more my family has. We all get to enjoy it. So we need to do our part.  I don’t know who wouldn’t want to be involved in this. I’m super excited about it. From what I’ve learned, I’m now able to educate others.’


Kevin Lorda, Project Manager,  has worked for Timberline since 2006.  With a background in environmental studies and biology, and being an avid outdoors person, he sees the intrinsic value in sustainable building practices. Kevin says the biggest difference he sees in terms of sustainability on the the Desert Rain project, is the effort that is being put into the material selection. ‘Not allowing certain products because they are harmful to those people creating them – that’s a much bigger sustainability picture.’