Restoring A Healthy Co-Existence With Nature

Limits to Growth

Urban Agriculture

Habitat Exchange

Car Free Living

The intent of the Site Petal is to clearly articulate where it is acceptable for people to build, how to protect and restore a place once it has been developed, and to encourage the creation of communities that are once again based on the pedestrian rather than the automobile. Such communities should, in turn, be supported by local and regional agriculture, since no truly ‘sustainable’ community can exist that relies on globally-sourced food production.

The continued spread of sprawl development threatens the few wild places that remain and our capacity to feed ourselves responsibly, and the decentralized nature of our communities increases transportation impacts and pollution. As flat, prime land for construction diminishes, more and more development tends to occur in sensitive areas that are easily harmed or destroyed. Invasive species threaten ecosystems, which are already weakened by the constant pressure of existing development. Automobiles, often used as single occupancy vehicles, have become integral to our communities when we should be relying on “people power” – walking and bicycling – supplemented by shared transit as the primary mode of travel.

Living Building Challenge™ 2.0