Living Building Challenge Desert Rain House ViewDesert Rain is a home constructed in Bend, Oregon to satisfy the rigorous International Living Building Challenge .  The home’s lead designer is Al Tozer Jr., of Tozer Design. Please contact us for further information.

In the summer of 2009, Tom Elliott and Barbara Scott conceived the idea of building an extreme, green home.  Their initial design goal, set forth below, was to design and build a LEED certified home using the latest ‘green’ technologies.

Later that fall, when well into the design process, they heard a Bioneers presentation by Jason McLennan, the originator of the Living Building Challenge.  Galvanized by that presentation, Tom and Barb carried the Living Building Challenge 1.0 back to their design team and threw the gauntlet on the table–“We can build a residence that meets this challenge.”

Thus began a long and arduous journey to design (and re-design) a home that would satisfy all of the requirements of the Living Building Challenge.  This website, the Desert Rain weekly blog, the forum, and press coverage detail the teams, the process, the people, and the gradual unfolding of our Living Building Challenge home–Desert Rain.

fsc lumber for living building challengeIntroducing our Living Building Challenge home, Desert Rain, located in Bend, Oregon.

Main House (2300 sf) + Accessory Dwelling Unit (550 sf) + Detached 2-Car Garage

• Warm, Modern, Clean + Super Green

• 100% net-zero energy

• 100% self-contained rainwater collection

• 100% processing of wastewater

 • carbon neutral and red list approved