Collaboration, C-O-L-L-A-B-O-R-A-T-I-O-N

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘it takes a village’.  A recent project here at Desert Rain is a living example of how this concept works; how we get from here – to there.   Barb had an idea. She wanted someplace on site to display photos of people on the project, the seven ‘Petals’ of the Living Building Challenge, the Red List, and maybe some bulletin items.  The first go around was, well, let’s say – rustic.  A piece of scrap board was leaned against the wall of the existing garage. The Red List was written on paper and pinned to the board.  The Seven Petals were printed on paper and pinned to the board. Photos were printed and pinned to the board.

The original photo board after the Red List had been rescued from the alley.

For awhile, this board served the purpose. Then wind, rain, and sun did their damage.  The Red List was found down the alley, a little worse for wear. It was stapled back on the board.

Barb said to Kelly, “we need a better solution to the photo board”.  Kelly had an idea; a bulletin board/kiosk using some of the reclaimed windows to protect the photos and paper.  Kelly talked to Tom. They searched through the windows and found some that matched.  Tom said, ‘talk to Jim about making this happen’.  Kelly met Jim on site to discuss placement of the kiosk and a rough plan of what was needed.  Jim had an idea; use some of the leftover roofing material to add a small overhang to further protect the window.  Jim passed the idea and project on to carpenter, Tivan.  Meanwhile, back at the office, Allyson was finding team photos in the computer files and having them printed.  Within a week the new kiosk appeared on site.  Built entirely with reclaimed lumber and windows and scrap roofing material, the kiosk reflects the elements of the other structures on site.

The kiosk at home near the Desert Rain informational sign.

It is beautiful and functional, with the right amount of rustic.  Though the kiosk is a small piece of the larger picture, it effectively  demonstrates the process of progress at the building site.  Ideas form.  Communication begins.  The ‘village’ intermingles.  Ideas take shape as each person involved contributes their knowledge and skills to the process.  The end result; dreams and ideas become reality.  There is a kiosk on site with photos and information.  There is a foundation, framed walls, a roof, windows, doors, solar panels, water systems, heating systems, a cistern, landscaping, lighting, flooring, cabinets… eventually, a house is built.  The house becomes a home.  Working together, the ‘village’ moves the project from there to here.  How do we spell collaboration?  T-E-A-M   D-E-S-E-R-T   R-A-I-N.

‘It takes a village’ – some of the Desert Rain Team photos.

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