A Visit from G. Russell Case

On a Southwest backpacking trip a few years ago, Barb and Tom happened upon the Maynard Dixon Studio and were drawn to a painting of the Vermillion Cliffs by G. Russell Case.  They purchased the piece and created a special place for it in Desert Rain. On a return trip, Tom and Barb took friends […]

Landscaping with Restoration Principles

Rick Martinson and the team from Winter Creek Restoration have been on site this past week, creating an ecology-based landscaped area surrounding Desert Rain. By incorporating restoration principles into the landscaping, Winter Creek Restoration will be creating something that is both remarkably beautiful and astoundingly smart. Speaking with Rick about his work, one quickly realizes […]

July 2014 – Progress in Pictures

Summers are always busy, and the crews of tradespeople working on Desert Lookout are making the most of longer and warmer days.  We started this July with a minimally framed structure, and have watched the roof go up, the windows go in, and now the exterior siding is being installed. Inside, rough electrical is being […]

Living Net Positive – Is it Possible?

When we think about monthly bills, we tend to think of them as something we have to pay, rather than a statement of what we have earned. Remarkably, green building is shifting that paradigm – as Tom, Barb, and many families living in green homes can attest to. In fact, last month, Desert Rain produced five times […]

On the Fresh Edge of Green Building

With more than 30 years of experience building high-end commercial and residential buildings, Michael established his company, Brightwater Collaborative, in Bend in alignment with his passion for green building. Michael’s mission is to focus on sustainability in the built environment and when Timberline Construction brought him on as the Project Manager for Desert Lookout, we were […]

A Peek Inside Desert Rain – Progress in Pictures

Since Barb and Tom moved in to their new home earlier this year, we’ve had many requests for pictures of the finished interior. While aspects of our project are still underway and we will be taking many more photos in the future, we’ve put together a small selection to share with you now.