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An Open Window

Windows. We all appreciate having windows in our homes to bring light, air, and visual stimulation from the outside – in. Windows are a key design element in the home but also must serve a variety of functional roles. One of the most critical functions, especially in regions where seasonal temperatures may be extreme, is […]

Recovering Energy

I received a quick tour and introduction to the site by Jim Fagan of Timberline on May 22. In addition to being introduced to many of the contractors, I observed that the solar thermal modules had been installed on the roof on Monday. The seven panels are an integral component of the solar thermal system […]

Coming Aboard

I’m feeling rather lucky. Last summer and fall I worked for Heartsprings Nursery with Chris Hart-Henderson. Chris is the landscape designer for the Desert Rain House. A few short weeks ago, Chris connected me to Barb and Tom. Now I find myself part of the team for this exciting and inspiring project. My name is […]