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Pondering the Ponderosa Pine

Near the main house structure of Desert Rain  is a service berry tree planted inside a large stump.  It is a memorial to the magnificent ponderosa pine tree that once graced the property.  In the fall of 2009 in the very early stages of design and deconstruction of the existing houses on the site, the […]

Rethinking Construction Waste

Part of any construction site is the waste generated by the building process.  Scrap lumber, cardboard, metal, plastics, and other packaging material make up the bulk of construction waste .  Building a 2,000 square foot home typically generates 8,000 pounds of waste that ends up in a landfill.  Data collected by the Sustainable Cities Institute  […]

Desert Rain – Breaking Barriers

From the beginning of the design and building process, Tom and Barb envisioned the Desert Rain project as a demonstration site with an educational element.  Along with their dream of building and living in their own extreme, green home, they have an objective of setting an example of what is possible in sustainable building. They […]

Holding Our Breath Over Water

Ask the question, ‘what has been the biggest challenge in the process of building Desert Rain?’  The answer you will receive in one word – WATER!  Building a home to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge’s Water Petal, means building ‘net zero’ water in terms of source. This translates to all water needs for […]

Who Ya’ Gonna’ Call?

Designing and building green is fundamentally different from conventional building approaches. Avoiding potential obstacles requires early and ongoing involvement by all parties; owners, designers, contractors, landscape designers, and specialty engineers or system engineers.  Building to achieve Living Building Challenge certification and the holistic nature of Desert Rain increased the need to find professionals that would […]

Tom’s Talk – Join the Tour

Last week a group from Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls toured Desert Rain with Tom.  Tom’s tours are chock full of information about the project, the house, materials, the process, and the Living Building Challenge. For those of you that have not yet visited Desert Rain, you are invited to come along here […]

Time and the New Year

It is New Year’s Eve 2012. I am 410 miles away from Desert Rain, writing this blog.  In a few minutes I will click the ‘publish’ icon on the WordPress website editing page.  In a fraction of a second, this blog complete with images, will be available for viewing to hundreds of thousands of people […]

Making the Grade

A cold and bitter wind blows outside. Open the door, walk through, and close the door of Desert Rain – immediately you are enveloped in warmth and quiet. Insulating materials in various forms have been applied to the structure this past week. The interior walls have been filled with blown-in cellulose.  The cellulose is comprised […]