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Wrapped in pre-flashing and waiting for windows.

Windows. We all appreciate having windows in our homes to bring light, air, and visual stimulation from the outside – in. Windows are a key design element in the home but also must serve a variety of functional roles. One of the most critical functions, especially in regions where seasonal temperatures may be extreme, is the ability of the window to create a thermal barrier between inside and outside.

Custom glass doors

The windows currently being installed in the Desert Rain house were chosen for their superior thermal performance, strength, durability, and resistance to air and water infiltration.  All aspects of Loewen  windows, including making the insulating glass, are completely manufactured in their plant in Manitoba, Canada. This allows them to control each vital component using a combination of the best materials and superior manufacturing technology.  The transportation factor verses local manufacturers, was balanced by the superior performance of the product, the life span of the product, and energy saved over that life span.  Loewen uses thicker glass than most other window manufacturers. The triple glazed windows consist of two full half-inch airspaces, argon gas, Low E2 technology, a special cladding design to keep exterior metal away from the interior of the window, and quality edge sealing. The results – gradual and uniform transition from outside to inside temperature, energy efficiency, and a comfortable home.

Wrapped in blue. The pre-flashing creates an air tight and waterproof seal in the window opening.

Loewen is committed to environmental stewardship, in both their product and manufacturing processes. Their core values are closely aligned with the Desert Rain project and the goals of the Living Building Challenge.  The majority of the wood fiber used in the production of Loewen products is derived from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified forestland. They recycle virtually all wood waste created in the manufacturing process, in addition to, glass, aluminum, vinyl weather strip, solvents, motor oil, and paper.  Their plant is heated with sawdust. Their products are designed to be optimally efficient in consumption of raw materials, long product life, and thermal performance.

The installation of the windows continues – a critical element of design, function, and transformation – building project, to home.

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