A Peek Inside Desert Rain – Progress in Pictures

Since Barb and Tom moved in to their new home earlier this year, we’ve had many requests for pictures of the finished interior. While aspects of our project are still underway and we will be taking many more photos in the future, we’ve put together a small selection to share with you now.

desert rain living room

A place to gather and connect: The living room is a place to connect with friends and family as well as the beauty outside.

Desert Rain Kitchen

The warmth of the reclaimed wood makes the kitchen an inviting place to gather.

Desert Rain Dining Room

The dining room, just off the kitchen, has windows on three sides, creating an openness and connection with the outdoors.

Looking at the kitchen from the living room

The open floor plan keeps the kitchen and living room connected.

Study and Guest Room

Barb and Tom wanted space for guests and space for contemplation. This room can be used for either.

Desert Rain Hallway Bench

Small spaces like this bench in the hallway create a space to reflect and find solitude within the openness of the Desert Rain floor plan.

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